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Changes in the way we work in the Future

Increased Connectivity in emerging Countries will be a Game Changer

We continually pound the page about what is heading our way and as always one of our key objectives is to understand the trajectory of disruptive technologies, and how to leverage them via investing. Over the next five years, multiple exponential technologies are converging to disrupt virtually every aspect of the global economy. This...
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74 Of The Most Interesting Facts About The U.S. Millennial Generation.

These stats shed light on how the economy has affected the lives of Gen Y, their values, how they view the workplace, their consumer and investing habits, political views and entrepreneurial spirit. Sadly, our Australian Gen Y children aren’t far behind.Here are a few listed by category:Millennials and the economy.      ...
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Resistance is Futile

We are in the midst of a period of immense and intense change. Change brings resistance and fear and in order to succeed you need to embrace what is unfolding because resistance is useless. The network will rule and computing power, the Internet and the upcoming revolution in cloud computing...
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