We’ve designed a space that’s all about you.

desk space,
fast internet.

Cafes, shops
and beach.

Work local
be global.


What is Coworking?

Coworking is a global trend where freelancers, entrepreneurs, other mobile and home-based workers who come together to break the isolation and distraction of the home office and work independently in a shared working environment.

Coworking IS the alternative to the isolation and distraction of working from home

Work Local. Be Global.

3 signs you need a Coworking space:

1. Your workday is constantly filled with distracting “meetings” with your laundry basket, the refrigerator and the midday movie.

2. You’ve gained 3kgs from eating cake and drinking copious amounts of coffee each day at your local coffee shop to avoid getting the evil eye from the barista.

3. Your cat or dog proves to know very little about constructing a successful marketing strategy.

If you are a software engineer, a web developer, a startup, social media strategist, entrepreneur, designer, writer, public relations specialist or if you need to plug into our high-speed fibre optic broadband, currently running at up to 1Gbps symmetrical, then NewportNet is for you.

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