Why Coworking Spaces Are Here To Stay

Given the intense interest in startups these day, more and more young entrepreneurs are looking to Coworking facilities to grab relatively inexpensive office space. In addition to WiFi, fax, conference rooms, kitchen and snack-prep areas; these ‘rental’ business studios also offer new companies the opportunity to rub elbows with others in their world. The Coworking space industry has seen growth in recent years and that swell is only going to continue.

“It’s a natural evolution of technology,” said Sande Golgart, western regional vice president with flexible workspace provider Regus. “It’s a blend of technology and people getting smarter about getting efficient use out of their space. Nowadays people don’t necessarily need a landline all the time that’s plugged into a wall that they have to go to and sit in front of every single day.” Nowadays an office worker can be mobile and an on-the-go entrepreneur would simply be wasting money by paying for a full time office, Golgart explained.

“From a basic economic standpoint, the largest pool of demand for office space is the small customer or small group,” Golgart explained. “You have a much larger pool looking for small office solutions than you do large groups looking for an entire building or an entire floor.” As large corporations downsize and entrepreneurs become more bold, that trend will pick up pace, he added.

“The world of entrepreneurs and small businesses is growing exponentially and, frankly, we’re just trying to keep up with that growing demand,” said Golgart.

There are a growing number of independent workers – toiling at home or remotely – that see Coworking spaces as an opportunity to avoid working alone. Also, young entrepreneurs with new companies that require very little office area are starting out in such facilities to save money and meet others to collaborate with.

Source: Forbes Magazine

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