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It is better to know some of the questions rather than all of the answers.

Crossroads, collaborative consumption and the new pioneers. A recent study lamented that 58% of the younger generation would prefer to give up their sense of smell rather than their mobile phone.

The decades ahead will be unpredictable and exciting, we are already witnessing enormous and ongoing changes in economic models and cultural dynamics.

Amazon is now the world’s largest bookseller, Google the largest advertising platform, iTunes the largest music retailer and Skype is the fastest growing Telecom.

We are already seeing globally mobile entrepreneurs deciding where to invest their capital and where to live and work depending on a city’s ability to be generative and inviting. IE Create a productive, participation based and personalized urban experience. The Internet has removed the boundaries and the borders that were previously entrenched and the cities with connectivity are coming alive again. 

Coworking and collaborative office environments with high speed broadband and closeness to facilities are springing up all over the world and their popularity is skyrocketing.

The key to unlocking a city’s greatness lies not in technology but the principle of it’s generativity.

Generativity is the ability to use technologies to create an enabling infrastructure for connectivity and creativity.

The Internet is our best example of a generative structure, it was designed to have a seemingly infinite capacity for people to connect to each other, to create content, (much of it free) disruptive business models and successful companies and to store, consume and share vast amounts of information. Not only is the cost of capturing, storing and analyzing data falling, so too is the cost of creating things. As the things that make things cheaply get cheaper (deflation) this marketplace continues to grow.

Economists have drastically underestimated the ability of technology to take away jobs that outsourcing has not.

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