The old regime of jobs for life is over

The old regime of jobs for life is over, free agents roam the globe working from anywhere, anytime as long as they are connected, employment opportunities are becoming limited and ever more dependant on your skill base and ability to value add to the business. Coworking spaces are appearing every day and people are rapidly retraining themselves in order to remain relevant in the new world of work. Local communities are becoming work hubs as the always on global nervous system known as the internet provides amplified opportunities and threats to our ingrained thought processes.

You need to think completely differently, in fact you need to retrain your brain in order to remain relevant. Economists need to “unlearn” what is ingrained from the past as the new economic paradigms permeate through economies like sets of giant waves.

Just think, China will have 440 million people over the age of 60 by the year 2050 compared to 195 million now. This will mean substantial investment now in order to get ready just for that one country’s ageing population.

The valuable commodities in the future will be time and your body. How so? As processing power increases and new technologies come to market in healthcare the data from your body will be of enormous value to researchers, medical science etc.

Things as simple as a blood test will provide a treasure trove to the medical community and they will be able to not only predict but to administer preventative medicine and procedures in order to help you live longer and stay well.

Imagine the cost savThe_World's_Top10_Startupsings as preventative care accelerates and keeps citizens healthy. Price makers not takers come to the fore as excess capacity meets the market and prices tumble.

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