A Drastic Change to the Workplace as we know it



If you’re like most people, you spend every morning sitting in traffic on your way to work in a high-rise building in or near the city alongside colleagues who, much of the time, are away from their desks in meetings, at lunch or traveling for business. Get ready for drastic change. A global recession, emerging sharing economy and more awareness and responsibility regarding climate change are pointing boardrooms toward efficiency. Your current office, as you know it will be a thing of the past.

Companies will not be able to continue to pay high real estate costs and utility bills for people who use their space maybe 30% of the time. Office layouts will be more structured for liquid, easy collaborative work. The partitions and walls that separate departments will come down. You will know more about what’s happening in other areas of your organisation than ever before. Open plan areas will create cafe-like atmospheres and promote creativity, transparency and collaboration. Resources like kitchens, bathrooms and conference rooms will be shared. Every area of the new office will be a open working space where workers can share ideas and get a better overall understanding of how each department works.

New workplace tools will help people across departments start conversations while increasing productivity. You’ll interact with coworkers in a more friendly, approachable and transparent way. This is in turn will result in better productivity from workers, less sick days and an overall more harmonious workplace. Take a deep breath and get ready to share that pen in your hand, maybe your monitor and your ideas. 

Coworking’s combination of casual relationships and shared spaces can lead to some of an employee’s most fruitful collaborations.

Independent Coworking spaces in local suburbs and regional areas are an important resource that enable companies to save money on leasing costs and building expenses by allowing telecommuters and virtual employees to work their own hours.

The number of Coworking spaces worldwide increased by 17 percent between February and May, Deskmag’s latest analysis shows.

How times have changed.



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