Slow Internet Speeds Letting You Down?

Many consumers who have connected to the NBN have experienced frustration at the difference between the “speeds” they expected and what they are actually receiving.
The Tier 5, or top connection available is 100 mbps download and 40 mbps upload. This may be available at certain times of the day but is not what is generally transpiring, as more people connect at the same time the less capacity is available.
A bit like trying to push a tennis ball down a garden hose.
This is what is known as the contention ratio and it varies greatly between internet service providers. The higher the contention ratio the less speed you will receive as more people go online. Very frustrating.
As Newport and Newport Beach is further down the rollout map than most, NewportNet is seeking to provide solutions.
By way of example at the Coworking offices of NewportNet we run a 200 mbps connection with a 1 to 1 contention ratio, this means that anybody who is connected at the office receives up to 200 mbps connectivity for both download and upload.
Due to ongoing advances in technology NewportNet is going up to a Gigabit of connectivity, that means 10 times the maximum NBN tier 5 download and 25 times the upload speed.
We are working on some strategies to extend this service to homes and businesses in the Newport and Newport Beach area.
If truly fast Internet is something that is of interest and benefit please contact Simon by text or phone on 0435 767 905.
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