Go with the Flow

It is very interesting as it shows in graphic detail where populations have been moving to during the period of 2005 to 2010.

What it shows is that the developed countries are still receiving the bulk of immigrants, in particular the United States is a key beneficiary. The reasons are varied but include the access to advanced education and a more desired standard of living. The US really is still the land of opportunity it seems for the great majority of global movers and shakers.

Whilst so many talk about the growth of China it is apparent (and very obvious from the numbers) that net net more people are leaving China than are arriving, they are predominantly going to the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and even Japan.

Europe has also been a destination of choice, possibly due to the more affordable cost of living since the financial crisis.

Australia has been a net receiver of people (and why not) whereas the emerging counties have generally seen a decline in their numbers as people who are looking to climb the ladder either by education or better living standards move to the more advanced economies.

These numbers tell me that countries with advanced healthcare, education and living standards will continue to see solid growth in their population numbers which of course has significant implications for global investment and money flows.

Education, healthcare, technology, infrastructure, travel and housing look to be the continued beneficiaries of investment flows if we follow the flow.

It would appear that “West is the way” still holds true, for now at least.? 

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