Facebook, the ultimate big data company

Did you know that 20 billion minutes are spent on Facebook every day?

Over the decades businesses from credit card companies to market research firms to focus groups, the list goes on, have attempted to gather data about consumers, what they consume and why in order to sell this information or to protect the future behaviour of the consumer.

This information is considered to be extremely valuable and has eluded information gatherers for years, they have paid vast sums of money and employed many thousands of people in order to garner this data with mixed success.

And then along comes Facebook, a FREE social media app that currently has over 1.26 billion users and has just celebrated it’s 10th Birthday. What staggers me is how keen people are to give away as much of their valuable personal information as possible for FREE without a second thought, their tastes in music, movies, intimate details on family and friends, the list goes on, and on. Subscribers privacy gets thrown out the window as they jump over themselves to reveal all to their so called list of friends.

The data that Facebook has collected from people across the globe over the past decade allows them to predict future spending patterns and behaviour, you really have no idea how much they know about you. This big data has untold value to so many companies who must sit in amazement as to how easy it has been for Facebook to collect so much personal information, so fast, for nothing.

Below are some numbers that WILL amaze you, and you have provided it, for free and for that I am sure Facebook thanks you.

By the Numbers: 75 Amazing Facebook User Statistics (Updated January 2014).                                           Posted on January 29, 2014 by Craig Smith from Digital Market Ramblings.

Facebook User Statistics.

Total number of Facebook users: 1.26 billion, last updated 10/6/13.

Total number of Facebook monthly active users (MAU): 1.23 billion, last updated 1/29/14.

Total number of Facebook daily active users (DAU): 757 million, last updated 1/29/14.

Daily active users in the US: 128 million, last updated 8/13/13.

Daily active users in the UK: 24 million, last updated 8/13/13.

Number of Facebook users in China (even though it is blocked): 87 million, last updated 10/3/13.

The country with the most active Facebook users: Canada, last updated 8/23/13.

Percentage of millennials (15-34 year olds) that use Facebook: 66%, last updated 9/27/13.

Size of user data that Facebook stores: more than 300 petabytes, last updated 11/7/13.

Average number of friends that teens on Facebook have: 300, last updated 11/7/13.

Percentage of teens that are friends with their parents on Facebook:70%, last updated 11/7/13.

Number of Facebook monthly active users in Asia:351 million, last updated 11/1/13.

Percentage of Facebook users that are male: 42%, last updated 11/4/13.

Percentage of Facebook users between the ages of 18 to 29: 34%, last updated 11/4/13.

Percentage of Internet users 65 years and older that use Facebook: 45%, last updated 12/30/13.

Percentage of Facebook users that have earned a bachelors degree: 30%, last updated 11/4/13.

Percentage of recruiters that have 50 or fewer Facebook friends: 21%, last updated 1/16/14.

Average number of Facebook friends for US females: 250, last updated 12/23/13.

Facebook User Activity Stats.Number of times daily that the Facebook Like or Share buttons are viewed: 22 billion, last updated 11/6/13.

Number of sites that contain Facebook Like or Share buttons: 7.5 million, last updated 11/6/13.

Total number of Facebook friend connections:150 billion, last updated 2/1/13.

Total number of Facebook likes since launch: 1.13 trillion.Average daily Facebook likes: 4.5 billion, last updated 5/27/13.

Total number of location-tagged Facebook posts:17 billion. Total number of uploaded Facebook photos: 250 billion, last updated 9/17/13.

Average daily uploaded Facebook photos: 350 million, last updated 2/1/13.

Average number of photos uploaded per Facebook user: 217 photos, last updated 9/17/13.

Average number of items shared by Facebook users daily:4.75 billion, last updated 9/17/13.

Number of Facebook messages sent daily:10 billion, last updated 9/17/13.

Average time spent per Facebook visit: 20 minutes, last updated 4/23/12.

Number of potential pieces of content Facebook users are exposed to every login:1,500, last updated 8/1/13.

Average time spent on Facebook total per day: 20 billion minutes, last updated 7/24/13.

Average time spent on Facebook per user per month: 8.3 hours, last update 7/24/13.

Average number of minutes per month users spend on Facebook.com:351 minutes, last updated 8/23/13.

Average number of minutes users spend on Facebook mobile: 914 minutes, last updated 8/23/13.

Facebook share of total minutes spent on the Internet:15.8%, last updated 8/23/13.

Percentage of Facebook users that login once a day: 76%, last updated 7/2/13.

Percentage of users that check Facebook multiple times a day:40%, last updated 12/30/13.

Average number of page likes per Facebook user: 40, last updated 7/12/13.

Total number of songs, albums or radio stations shared on Facebook: 110 million, last updated 3/10/13.

Total number of books shared on Facebook:1.47 million, last updated 3/10/13.

Percentage of Americans that get their news from Facebook:30%, last updated 10/24/13.

Top life event among Facebook users in 2013: Added a relationship/Got engaged/Got Married.

Most checked-in to place in the US on Facebook in 2013: Disneyland.

Most talked about topic on Facebook in 2013 (global): Pope Francis.

Most talked about topic on Facebook in 2013 (US): Super Bowl.

Number of Facebook users in China: 95 million (even though it is blocked) last updated 11/11/13.

Facebook’s percentage of total global social sharing: 41%, last updated 12/11/13.

Facebook’s percentage of total North American social sharing: 36%, last updated 12/11/13.

Facebook’s percentage of total European social sharing: 47%, last updated 12/11/13.

Facebook’s percentage of total Asian social sharing: 60%, last updated 12/11/13.

Facebook’s percentage of total global ecommerce social sharing: 37%, last updated 12/11/13.

Facebook’s percentage of total global consumer brand social sharing: 46%, last updated 12/11/13.

Misc Facebook Info.

Number of Facebook employees: 4,619, last updated 2/1/13.

Estimated percentage of brand Facebook posts considered spam: 7%, last updated 8/9/13.

Total number of Facebook group users: 500 million, last updated 1/29/14.

Total number of Facebook events created: Still searching.

Total number of daily compromised Facebook logins: 600,000, last updated 10/28/11.

Total number of “bogus” Facebook user accounts: 83 million, last updated 8/2/12.

Total number of languages available on Facebook: 70, last updated 2/1/13.

Estimated amount that Facebook scammers earn: $200 million per year, last updated 8/28/13.

Number of government requests for user data in 1st half of 2013: at least 25,607, last updated 8/27/13.

Percentage of Americans that cannot access Facebook in the workplace:19.4%, last updated 9/24/13.

Percentage of Americans that use Facebook during the work day: 29.29%, last updated 10/2/13.

Facebook’s growth in web traffic referrals from 9/12-9/13: 58.81%, last updated 10/16/13.

Tweets containing a Facebook photo link are 47% less likely to be retweeted, last updated 10/7/13.

Number of posts in Facebook’s Graph Search database: More than a trillion, last updated 10/24/13.

Size of Facebook’s Graph Search database: 700TB, last updated 10/24/13.

Amount Facebook reportedly offered to buy Snapchat for:$3 billion, last updated 11/19/13.

Largest single payout to an individual under the Facebook bug bounty program: $33,500, last updated 1/23/14.

Amount that Facebook reportedly spent on lobbying in 2013: $6.4 million, last updated 1/23/14.


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