Karen & Simon Bond – The Inspirations behind NewportNet

Karen & Simon spent their childhood on Newport Beach and as teenagers they both worked in many local businesses during their summer school holidays. Both of their families are community minded people, Simons father was Bruce Bond “Mr Money” and Karen’s mum is a respected Doctor in the local community.

Karen & Simon met while working at the Newport Arms Hotel, married and moved to Melbourne to forge a career in Stockbroking. It wasn’t long before the calling of the Northern Beaches brought them home to Newport where they live with their 3 teenage sons. Karen, Simon and their boys are actively involved in their local school, rugby and surfing clubs.

Simon is a partner in the Newport branch of RBS Morgans Stockbroking which has been on the Northern Beaches for over 10 years.

The Idea of the Casual Office Space

The idea of NewportNet – Coworking & Casual office space was born from Karen & Simon’s love of working and living locally so they wanted to offer the same opportunity to their local Community. There are many people who commute to the city everyday, just so they can turn on their computers and sit at their desks then drive an hour and half home again. Then there are also those are lucky enough to work from home but risk getting caught in the isolation and distractions that come with a home office.

NewportNet offers an alternative to both. We have a professional & private meeting room and casual office space where you can meet clients rather than at the coffee shop. Level 2 is our open plan Coworking area where you can be part of a buzzing collaborative group of people working together independently. We have a 200mbps up / 200mbps down Optic Fibre connection which allows ultra fast data upload and download so is ideal for those working on anything web based.

So if you are a freelancer, Web Designer, Media, Film or Photography or just want to get out and work in a funky collaborative space then NewportNet is for you.


Give us a call or drop in and check us out.

Karen 0418 501141

Simon 0419 316872

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