Increased Connectivity in emerging Countries will be a Game Changer

We continually pound the page about what is heading our way and as always one of our key objectives is to understand the trajectory of disruptive technologies, and how to leverage them via investing. Over the next five years, multiple exponential technologies are converging to disrupt virtually every aspect of the global economy. This...
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20% off in January 2017

Christmas is here, the kids are on school holidays and you’re looking forward to a break but deadlines still need to be met. We know how difficult it can be to work from home when the kids are on holidays. Did you know that NewportNet Coworking offers an alternative workspace?...
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Slow Internet Speeds Letting You Down?

Many consumers who have connected to the NBN have experienced frustration at the difference between the “speeds” they expected and what they are actually receiving. The Tier 5, or top connection available is 100 mbps download and 40 mbps upload. This may be available at certain times of the day...
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Why Coworking Is The Future of Work

Coworking is style of work that involves a shared working environment, often an office, and independent activity.  Individuals are usually not employed by the same person. The lure of working and collaborating in a Coworking space can be similar to the buzz of a start-up environment and quite different from the uninspiring routine...
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How Flexible Work Benefits the Environment

Think about your usual morning routine, centred around one basic objective – getting to work on time. Thanks to Smart Work Hubs and Coworking spaces around Australia, workers have an alternative way to get a days work done with less stress, minimal commuting and in a more relaxed environment closer to home....
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The old regime of jobs for life is over

The old regime of jobs for life is over, free agents roam the globe working from anywhere, anytime as long as they are connected, employment opportunities are becoming limited and ever more dependant on your skill base and ability to value add to the business. Coworking spaces are appearing every...
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