Coworking is the new Coffee Shop

As long as there have been cafés, people have been using them to work. Breaking free of the isolation of a home office, they provide a pleasant working environment for people who enjoy a bit of background buzz while they work.

That was until now, cafes are beginning to strike back at remote workers, who take up valuable seats for hours on end while sipping on nothing more than a couple of lattes, by limiting WiFi connections, charging for internet access or imposing a laptop free zone.

If this sounds like you, you might want to rethink your reliance on this working practice. So what’s a dedicated café worker to do? Head back into the traditional office? Work from home?

Actually, there is a better way. A way which gives you the ambient background noise and the steady supply of coffee – minus the disapproving glare of the barista. A space which is specifically designed for you to turn up and use as and when you want to – whether for a whole day or just a few hours.

We are, of course, talking Coworking.

Already popular with business people who travel a lot, all you need to access to a Coworking Space is to make a booking. This gives you a seat, access to internet, use of photocopiers/scanner, unlimited tea & coffee as well as a sociable, business-like buzz.

NewportNet is located on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches and is an open, collaborative Coworking space bristling with technology, offering 50mbs upload / 50mbs download speeds over Fibre Optic connection. NewportNet is professional yet relaxed, so bring your swimming cossie and break up your day by going for a swim at lunchtime. 

While café working might be on the decline, flexible working certainly isn’t. Break up tradition and take back control of your working day. If that means fewer lattes and more work, surely that can only be a good thing?


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