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Connecting the Dots to the Future of Work

We have been researching “the future of work” for some years now. It started as a trickle and now it has become a flood. Coworking is now midstream. Google Trends is an online search tool that allows the user to see how often specific keywords, subjects and phrases have been queried over a...
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Coworking Spaces help to Grow your Business

The Coworking movement is taking traction around Australia with more spaces popping up around the country. So, what is Coworking I hear you ask? “Coworking is a style of work that involves a shared working environment, often an office, and independent activity. Unlike in a typical office environment, those Coworking...
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Love to Travel?

Find out how to travel 4 & 5 star on a 2 & 3 star budget. Intrigued?? Join us for a free information night at NewportNet, Newport Beach NSW. Bookings are essential, book your session now. Tuesday 14th April   – 7.30pm start Thursday 23rd April – 7.30pm start Sunday...
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Want better ideas? Go catch your swarm

We often romanticize ideas as an isolated ‘aha’ moment; however, they are built upon a foundation of multiple thoughts and information sources coming together. Bodong Chen, an Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota, describes ideas more as a swarm than of a single entity. Great ideas come from a...
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74 Of The Most Interesting Facts About The U.S. Millennial Generation.

These stats shed light on how the economy has affected the lives of Gen Y, their values, how they view the workplace, their consumer and investing habits, political views and entrepreneurial spirit. Sadly, our Australian Gen Y children aren’t far behind.Here are a few listed by category:Millennials and the economy.      ...
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Clarity, Common Sense and Wisdom

Technology and ideology are shaking the foundations of twenty-first-century capitalism. “Technology is making skills and knowledge the only sources of sustainable strategic advantage”. —LESTER THUROW. The answer to the question “What happened?” is clear. Science and technology happened. Science and technology are the engines of prosperity. Of course, one is...
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Spending Patterns

  Here is how The Wall Street Journal interprets the above chart, taken from spending surveys and diaries of 14,000 US households, particularly as regards consumer spending: The American middle class has absorbed a steep increase in the cost of health care and other necessities as incomes have stagnated over the past...
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